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Large Crystal Diffuser Crisp White Linen Diffuser

Large Crystal Diffuser Crisp White Linen Diffuser


The diffuser is accompanied by two 230ml bottles of fragrance oil with two sets of dispersion wicks (one black and one silver). Each bottle of fragrance will last up to six months.

Each product is presented in a crisp white handmade box embellished with a silver foil inscription and wrapped by a protective acetate cover.

Fresh drifts of white lily and posies of ylang ylang blooms are enlivened with luscious servings of peach, red apple and citrus leaves to form a liberating perfume that dances on a soft ozonic pillow of musk and summer jasmine.

We want your enjoyment/appreciation of this very special piece to continue so we have designed it to be reused with our diffuser refills.


10.5cm x 7cm x14cm




2 x 230ml

The 500ml diffusers are made using a superior quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil, blended using the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils combined with carefully manufactured fragrance to create our signature, complex fragrances.

Containing no water, and a minimal amount of ethanol, which is derived from the cassava plant, ensures our diffusers long lasting effectiveness. Our diffusers are also totally free of artificial colouring and over time will naturally change colour with exposure to the air.

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